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Busty Bachelor Party Girls

If you're coming to Las Vegas for a bachelor party you're obviously looking for the ultimate send-off for the husband-to-be. Send him out right with a bachelor party he'll never forget. The busty escorts here are unlike the women you'll find anywhere else. And they can be had with just a single phone call. Make sure to plan ahead so you can reserve the perfect woman for the groom.

Hire Busty Strippers

Strippers are fun, but to keep them in front of your lap you'll need to keep throwing down cash. Skip the clubs and instead book yourself busty escorts that can perform. Sent right to your hotel, these elite busty escorts can perform for the entire group, or just the groom. Best of all, she's all yours and you won't have to worry about someone else swooping her away at the club.

Deals and Discounts

Book yourself an escort ahead of time and you'll already be saving money over what the strip clubs cost. A beautiful thin busty blonde can help you achieve greatness here in Vegas as well. Want other ways to score deals and discounts around town? Let us know what you're looking for and we'll help find more entertainment for a lower price.

Is This Legal?

Booking yourself big busty escorts can't possibly be legal, can it? It absolutely is. While prostitution within the city is off limits, paying for someone's time is absolutely on the good side of legal. It's no different than paying a lawyer's hourly rates (only this is much more fun). And should something a bit more spicy happen between the two of you? Well, that's just two consenting adults having a good time together. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Adult Room Service

Interested in booking yourself adult entertainment for a part of your night? Maybe you don't need to have one of the Las Vegas high class escorts spending the entire evening with you, but instead you'd just like some fantasy massage back at the hotel for a portion of it? That can be arranged as well. Not all private escort experiences need to be the entire night or over dinner. It can be as simple as having them perform for you at the hotel and then leave, which is perfect if you have a lot to accomplish and just a small window to do it in. 

We Answer Your Questions

Have questions about booking your busty escorts here in Vegas? Of course you do. But don't worry, we have the answers. 

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Let Us Bring The Party to You!

 You don't need to go anywhere in order to take advantage of busy escorts. All you need to do is look through the website, find a girl you're interested in and give us a call. If she's available, we will set everything up and send the girl right to you. If you want her now, not a problem. We can have the girl to you within 30 minutes. Want a girl in the near future (or looking to book her for an upcoming trip)? That will give you the best odds of securing your top choice, but regardless of timing, we will make sure to connect you with one of the elite, busty escorts available right here. 

One call is all it takes!

TThe phone call is quick and easy. We are also very discrete about it. Privacy is extremely important to us, so we do everything in our power to make sure we protect not only the women who work with us but also you as well. You've heard the term "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but with us it's what happens between you and your escorts stays between you and your escort. We never share information, we never call, send you emails and you won't receive random mailers from us. While we'd love to send you a holiday card for the mantel in your house, saying season's greetings from our busty escorts to yours, we know privacy is extremely important, so your personal information will not be saved.

So if you're interested in booking yourself a good time while in Vegas and want to have companionship during a part of your stay, one of our Las Vegas high class escorts will be perfect for you. Whether it's a simple date together, you're interested in more of a girlfriend experience, you're meeting people for work and you'd like to have someone by your side, or any other kind of situation, there's no better companion than an escort. It'll be one experience you won't want to have end and will look forward to doing again.  

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